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Hobbycraft is a leading specialty retailer of arts and craft products with 90 stores in the UK. Hobbycraft has a 3 million strong club of fans who share their creations on-line. Hobbycraft wanted a mobile solution that offered the best way to engage with busy customers.
The Challenge
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Our customers are project-based and motivated to get the supplies they need as fast as possible to get started on their next projects. We raised a challenge to find the best possible way to engage with our busy shoppers on-the-go, as well as deliver a best-in-retail purchasing journey.
Daniel Collier Multi-Channel Development Manager at Hobbycraft.
The solution
The Results
Hobbycraft elected to conduct an A/B test, directing half of its traffic to the existing mobile site and the other to the new PWA. “We wanted to show our leadership team exactly where any uplift was coming from and be able to pinpoint the impact of our new PWA,” says Collier. Over a two-week period, the test included 435,367 customers and 7,522 orders. “The results were dramatic, with a 30% increase in revenue per user, and a 26% increase in transactions per user,” explains Collier.
The site is really fast and repeat visits load almost instantly. Thanks to the PWA’s service worker technology, it can even load offline, so shoppers can continue browsing without a network connection. “We now have a very fast site that’s easier to navigate, as well as app-like features like add-to-homescreen and instant page transitions – in short, the best possible mobile customer experience available today,” says Collier.
What’s more, adds Collier, “Not only do we have verifiable performance and ecommerce revenue results, but a mobile site that is truly engaging, one that crafters will want to return to and share with others.”
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Mobify partner ITG Software Engineering handled the process of integrating the platform and building out the PWA front-end experience.